Weekly Seasonal Produce Bag | Well Fed Farmstead | Fort Collins, CO

Modern Epicurean

Meet Farmer and Owner of Well Fed Farmstead, Ryan Ericson

Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge to the Fort Collins farming community. His passion for cultivation of an epic variety of local produce is inspiring. What is more inspiring is his commitment to sustainability and food equity. Support him and his operation this winter by purchasing a seasonal produce bag from his farm right her in North Fort Collins. 
What is it? A Well Fed Farmstead produce bag is like a CSA (community supported agriculture) but you can opt in week to week, rather than an entire season. 

What is in the bag? The farmers load each bag with the freshest and most plentiful crops each week. The vegetables included each week are farmers' choice according to what is available and in season. 

How to order? Your order must be received each Sunday by 6 PM here. You pickup at the walk-in on the farm at 2229 West Vine Street on Mondays between 12 PM - 6 PM. 
All proceeds go directly to the farm during this testing phase (except taxes).