Local Pasture-Raised Eggs Subscription

Modern Epicurean

*FREE delivery to Fort Collins and Loveland Residents*
Charged Monthly, Delivered Bi-Weekly

Eggs are better when they come from happy hens. A Modern Epicurean egg subscription will hook you up with pasture raised, unwashed eggs sourced out of Wellington, Colorado. 
How It Works
By becoming a subscriber, you will have the option to choose two dozen, four dozen, or six dozen eggs delivered to your home in Northern Colorado. Our deliveries are every other Monday, so you will receive one dozen eggs per delivery if you want two dozen per month, two dozen per delivery if you want four dozen per month and so on. Pay for your first month up front, after that you will be charged monthly. You can skip, cancel, upgrade or downgrade, and edit all information through our website at any time when you create an account.
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