How To Be A Locavore

How To Be A Locavore

November 14, 2018

What is a Locavore?

People seem to classify their eating habits as omnivorous, herbivorous, or carnivorous. These categories don’t work for every eater out there, though. What if your only rule about food intake is eating local? You don’t care whether the food is a vegetable, meat, or dairy product, you just care that what you eat helps in supporting local food producers. Well, congratulations. If this is you, you’ve tackled the first step of being a locavore. It doesn’t take much skill, but you will see that in order to be a legit locavore, you must commit to some practices.

Eating Local is a Must

A locavore is defined as a person whose diet consists either entirely, or mostly, of locally grown or produced foods. It really is that simple. As a locavore, you will seek out the local farmers’ markets for most of your food. It is also a great idea to find a friend that will send you off with all her hens’ extra eggs. The local farmer will probably grow to know you by name because all your veggies come from him during peak harvest.

Fun fact, you can be an omnivore, herbivore, and carnivore and still be a locavore as long as the foods in these dietary categories come from local growers and producers. You’ll notice that the more you devote yourself to local foods, the more easily you will find them. You’ll naturally be drawn to year-round farmers markets. You’d be able to find them with your eyes closed. What is even more fascinating about locavores is that they manage to create a balanced diet from only local foods and can often do so year-round!

Supporting Local Food Producers is Admirable

The world needs more locavores. The planet suffers when we ship vegetables from one country to another because the emissions produced in this process are not only unnecessary but also incredibly damaging to the environment. The produce itself suffers, too, because when it arrives at the grocery store, it isn’t what it used to be. Locavores know the difference between tasting a fresh, local vegetable and a non-local vegetable. They also know the benefit of purchasing locally sourced meats and dairy products. They know that the money they are spending on local products will improve their community.

Isn’t it Expensive to be a Locavore?

There is a misconception that it is always more expensive to purchase local products than it is to purchase global products. In many cases, this is true. However, a little discussion about value is required before we accept that local is more expensive than global. Value encompasses many things, not just price. The price we pay for a product is just the tip of the iceberg. Food products have more value than what is expressed by their price.

Purchasing a local product is an investment in your community. If you want to have more local options and, more importantly, cheaper local options, you must start by supporting local food producers. Furthermore, included in the price you are paying for a local product, is the guarantee that you are eating what you want to eat. When you purchase a local food product, you can speak directly to the producer and learn exactly what procedures are used to create the final product. Understanding exactly what you are putting in your body is invaluable in the world we live in today.

Being a locavore is not only easy, it’s something to be proud of. You show commitment to your community by eating local. Remember that you are investing in the future of your home by supporting local food producers. Next time you need groceries, opt for a local farmers' market and see what you think. Better yet, let Modern Epicurean do the work for you, we will deliver several local options to test right to your doorstep. Commit yourself to the locavore life, today!


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