Local places to eat in fort collins, colorado for valentine's day

A Local Guide To An Epic Valentine's Day

February 13, 2019

Support Local This Valentine’s Day

One of the reasons why we love Fort Collins and the surrounding areas is because there is a vibrant agricultural and farming community. This brings so many benefits to our lives. One important benefit being our unparalleled access to farm fresh produce and animal products, especially in the summer, but more than you would think in all of the seasons, too. It has also created a hotbed for some of the best farm-to-table restaurants you can come by.

Not only do we have the best of the best in terms of local food, there are some really great locally-owned and operated shops in the area where you can pick up memorable gifts for Valentine's Day made by local artisans.

Make this Valentine’s day special for you and your loved one and support your community of farmers, chefs, business owners, and artists at the same time by visiting one of the several farm-to-table restaurants for an excellent meal or a local shop for the perfect gift. Let's start with the food...



Colorado Room

If you haven’t tried Colorado Room, you are missing out. A casual hang out spot filled with local everything from the beer, the food, and even the art hanging on the walls. If you are looking to have amazing local food with a casual vibe, Colorado Room is the place.

The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm

"All the Comforts of Home" is a great way to describe this restaurant. With the beautiful mix of rustic and modern you will surely impress your date with the atmosphere, but that's not all. The culinary team of Chef Joel Naejas and Bar Manager Austin Miller will create an experience to remember with professionally curated spirtis to complement each dish featuring tons of local talent from the brewers, producers, growers, and creators.

The Kitchen

Located in a prime location in downtown Fort Collins right off of Mountain Ave and College Ave in the town square, The Kitchen is the spot to share a romantic, yet refreshingly casual meal that you will definitely remember. This restaurant, considered one of the best in Fort Collins, is all about "real food". If you know anything about the co-founder Kimbal Musk (yes, Elon Musk's brother) you know that it is his life mission to bring the planet healthy, nourishing food. That is what you will find at The Kitchen, presented to you with exceptional poise.

The Regional

The new restaurant in town serves "home" on a plate. The Regional serves American comfort food classics featuring Colorado suppliers that you will be sure to love. Give The Regional a warm welcome to the community and support them this Valentine's Day.

Restaurant 415

We love this restaurant! It is our go-to spot to take out-of-town visitors or just to share some of our favorite dishes made from scratch. The memories we have shared here are among the best and the food just the same. If your loved one is vegan or vegetarian, this is the place we recommend. Though there are several wonderful carnivorous dishes there are just as many exceptional vegetarian and vegan options to choose from.

Locality Kitchen and Bar

This restaurant you may have seen on The Passport featuring the top restaurants and bars in town. Located on the Southeast part of Fort Collins, Locality Kitchen and Bar is locally-owned and takes pride in their local offerings as well as their carefully crafted dishes. You'll be happy to know that Executive Chef Dryden Goss is the curator, picker, and artist behind the dishes as he travels to farms himself all around Northern Coloradoo to bring you the best local foods.



Handcrafted is the word. Find epic shirts that are designed and hand printed here in Fort Collins or a beanie made by hand at this store. That doesn't do this store justice though, you will find yourself browsing for hours once you drop into this store with all of the variety that they have that appeals to your adventurous spirit.

Lemons & Lace Boutique

A boutique in town that you are sure to find a gift that she will love. They feature clothing, footwear, jewelry, accessories, and other specialty items. Stop by to find something that she will love.

The Cupboard

One of our favorite shops in town. Not only can you find any kitchen tool that you could possibly need if you are a chef or an aspiring chef, but they have also been selling local products before it was the hip thing to do. You will be hard pressed to find a better selection in a brick-and-mortar store of locally produced snacks, treats, soaps, sauces, and more. Right off the main drag downtown it is hard not to stop in when you see this store.

Walnut Creek

We can't say it better than they do, "Walnut Creek is more than a retail store. It is a collective of artisans, crafters, and artists." Walnut Creek is another store that you will find yourself getting lost in. They specialize in up-cycling beautiful furniture and displaying an incredible selection of eclectic products that make great gifts and decorations.

Topo Designs

For the outdoor adventurers, Topo Designs, brings you quality and style in their bags, apparel, and hiking accessories. With their ridiculous amount of variety in colors and bag sizes there is a bag for everyone. They make perfect gifts and you will surely want to buy one for yourself once you visit.

Old Firehouse Books

What is a community without a local bookstore? Firehouse Books is a wonderful place to get lost in their selection (which is always right on point, by the way). This store makes a perfect spot to create a memorable date by exploring the shelves with your love or picking up that favorite book that they can't stop talking about.

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