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Food and Value

September 22, 2021

I have been having many conversations surrounding food in the context of value with a lot of different types of folks with a lot of different lenses - equity, social justice, health and wellness, environment, politics, community - and, so on. As there seems to be quite a bit of momentum in the direction of quality food, local food, healthy food, etc. etc. during this time, we have found ourselves engaging with more and more people about this topic. Which is very exciting. Because that's a big reason why I wanted to start this company. I wanted to have this conversation ALL the time. Because...I think it is among the most important conversations we can have as humans. Food has so many intersections within it - labor, equity, culture, social justice, environmental justice, science, politics, gender...woah...just writing out a few of those makes me get antsy to have a full on conversation with the next person I see. 


Anyway. The topic is "Food and Value". This is a deep topic that I am not going to dare getting into in a blog post, but I wanted to start the conversation here with our Modern Epicurean community at the very least. 


Might as well start the dialogue with some questions that have come up because that's how all the great dialogues start and continue...


So...some questions to think about when we discuss food and value: 


1) Is food something that you try to purchase the cheapest whenever possible? 

2) Do you often think about the laborers and the animals that provide you with the food you eat on a daily basis or does that rarely come up?

3) Do you like to explore different grocery stores to find unique ingredients? 

4) How much time do you spend planning your meals, preparing your meals, sharing your meals, enjoying your meals? 

5) Is it possible for Americans to truly value food and the work it requires to cultivate, source, and distribute it? 


Here is an article worth reading around this topic: 



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