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Five Reasons You Should Use Body Butter This Winter

February 20, 2019

Dry Skin?

We get it. It's Colorado, it's dry. We basically live in a desert and our skin feels that, especially in the Winter. Many people with dry skin go through lotion after lotion trying to find one that doesn't irritate their skin, absorbs well, and leaves their skin feeling soft. These products can be hard to find.

What we have found over the years is that natural is the way to go. Not only that, but usually the thicker the better. And what we mean by that is go for the BUTTER! We would like to go over the benefits of using body butter over your typical lotion to get you through the Colorado Winter with moisturized, healthy skin.


To start, let's talk about natural ingredients. When we shop for body butters we are always looking for natural and organic products. You can probably guess the reason why that is, but it still bears saying that ingredients that are naturally occurring are typically going to be less reactive on your skin. Not only that, but ingredients such as Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, basically any high-fat oil or butter, is going to come packed with vitamins, which will revive your skin.


Moisture is the obvious end game of applying any product to our skin, right? Well, the good news about body butter is that they tend to last longer, which gives you more moisture for longer periods of time. This has a significant impact on your skin and can be helpful in healing already damaged skin that has been dry for a period of time. The reason why body butters last longer and hence provide more moisture is because they are typically made of seed oils which contain emollients, which are effective in treating Eczema. Many lotions contain water, which can have the opposite effect on dry skin and cause even more dryness.


As we have gotten older, we have found that we are much more conscientious about putting products on our skin that will protect us from the sun. That said, sunscreen is not always the ideal option because, well, obviously the smell is not great, and most sunscreens can leave your skin feeling oiling and will block your pores. We're not sure why this is not promoted more often about seed oils, but we want you all to know that almost every seed oil has an SPF range of anywhere between 5 SPF-20 SPF. So, using body butter is a great solution to providing low grade protection when you are out and about or on a quick adventure in the sun.

Packed With Vitamins

As we mentioned before, body butters tend to be filled with all kinds of vitamins that leave your skin feeling nourished and looking beautiful. The top three vitamins in most any natural body butter include: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin F. In addition to the vitamins, the Omega 3s fats in most butters help moisturize and also decrease inflammation. We talk a lot about consuming vitamins in healthy foods, but it is also important for skin health to absorb vitamins through the products that we use. After all, our skin is our largest organ and we should take care of it!

Soft Skin

It goes without saying that soft skin is what we are aiming for, but it is not just about vanity. Soft, healthy skin feels much better. Super dry skin can be extremely uncomfortable from all of the inflammation and cracks. Body butter is sure to give you plenty of moisture and will likely help those that are prone to dryness by promoting healthier skin.

And, before you go, we would like to add a shameless plug and mention that shopping for local skincare products is an excellent way to find all natural, organic, and eco-friendly shea butters and lotions. The cornerstone of Modern Epicurean is to support local business and to expose as many people as possible to the benefits of shopping local. Not just for the economic benefits, but for the quality. Local producers tend to care about their customers and what they put in their products much more than big box companies. So, if you're looking for natural, high quality products make sure you check out the local farmers' market, the pop up shops around your town, or visit our online store for the newest local products on the market.

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